Camo Tuxedo Vest

A camo tuxedo vest for your wedding or prom, is the perfect way to make it truly unique!

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Nylon lining. Double besom pockets


Jacket, vest, bow tie, pants. Mossy Oak.

Beige Camo

Tuxedo vest. Bowtie and handkerchief.

Tuxedo Vest

Includes necktie and matching handkerchief set.

Shown here are some styles for young boys as well as a digital vest for men and a full Mossy Oak tuxedo.

Mossy Oak

Pre-tied windsor knot. Formal tie.

Clip On

Adult camouflage bow tie.


Cotton neck tie. 56"x4.25"


Dark green army camouflage tie.

We've also included a nice selection of camouflage ties in various designs and your choice of neck or bowtie.

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