Camouflage Yarn

This nice variety of camouflage yarn includes various colors and weights that are perfect for afghans, ghillie suits, socks and more!

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Red Heart
Super Saver

Weight category 4. Machine wash and tumble dry.

Red Heart

Ideal for sweaters and light weight throws.

Super Saver
Desert Camouflage

America's best selling yarn. Great wash performance.

Red Heart

All purpose camo colored yarn. Weight category 4.

Super Saver
Urban Camouflage

Great for wearables, home accessories and more.

Sox Yarn

Non-woolen camouflage. 60% acrylic 40% nylon.

Ghillie Suit Yarn
Woodland Camo

Waterproof, fire retardant, odorless and non allergic.

Red Heart
Pink Camouflage

100% acrylic. Perfect for afghans and accessories.

Trusted name brands such as Red Heart, Bernat, and Patons ensure that your needlework will turn out splendidly!

Big Ball
Chunky Yarn

Weight category 5. Easy care, long wearing and soft.

Patons Kroy

75 percent washable wool, 25 percent nylon.

Sugar & Cream
Pink Camo

Natural, soft and absorbent 100% cotton.

Camo Color Yarn
Ghillie Suit

7 different camouflage colors for ghillie suits.

Bernat Sox
Pink Camouflage

Machine wash, tumble dry. Non-woolen.

Super Value

100 percent acrylic. Machine washable.

Camo Yarn

Perfect all use. Dryable on low settings.

Paton's Kroy
Camo Color

Wool and nylon combination. Weight category 1.

This outstanding selection offers a nice range of traditional camouflage colors to urban blues and gorgeous pinks, that are sure to please all personalities and preferences!

Amazon carries a large selection of yarn!

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